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Los Alamos Bed and Breakfast is placed over the principal´s Fisherton boulevard, lined with poplars, which give its name, to our inn:

Los Alamos Bed and Breakfast is situated:

  • 1 block from the Rosario Golf Club.
  • 2 minutes from the main entry to the Country of the Jockey Club where you can practice tennis, golf, polo, rugby, hockey, soccer, horse riding, and so on.
  • 10 minutes from the Kentucky Golf Club in the Funes City
  • 15 minutes from The Mitre Golf Club in the Perez City, the fourth golf court in 12 kilometers around Los Alamos Bed and Breakfast
  • 5 minutes from the Hockey International Stadium
  • 5 minutes from  Rosario´s Racetrack Juan Manuel Fangio
  • 2 blocks from “Anabel Fisherton”, “Aires”,”Villa Ana” y “Tamarindo”, and very close to “Parada 1”, “Altos del Ludueña” etc. some of our Fisherton’ s reception rooms.
  • Also 2 blocks from “La Villa de Freud”  a dancyng place for young people and very closed to others.
  • 10 minutes from the Parana River and its public beach: La Florida, going by Circunvalation Avenue
  • 10 minutes from Punta Alta
  • 5 minutes from Rosario-Cordoba and Santa Fe expressways
  • 10 minutes to the Rosario-Victoria Bridge.
  • 15 minutes from the Rosario’ s Casino, also taking by Circunvalation Avenue.
  • 15 minutes from the Portal Rosario y Alto Rosario shopping centers
  • 4 Kms. from the Rosario Airport
  • 9 Kms. from the Rosario´s Flag Monument and its Fluvial Station 
  • 8 Kms. From the Independence Park
  • 8 Kms. from downtown, its commercial centre and the banking zone.
  • 10 minutes fron Funes City and 20 minutes from Roldan City and 15 to Perez City
  • 40 minutes from San Lorenzo and Puerto San Martin Cities, by expressway.